Your Own Furniture Painted Properly!

You might have read it elsewhere on our website already, but our aim is to delight our customers - and we are happy to say we hit the mark time after time! One of the greatest pleasures is seeing the transformation that can be achieved by having your own furniture professionally spray painted by us.

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We are regularly told that the finish we achieve is in a totally different league to the best hand painting - in fact, we have a dear customer whose husband is a skilled painter and decorator. She tells us she wouldn't dream of getting him to paint her furniture having seen our workmanship. 

What we do

At The Fettling Fairies. our speciality is spray-painting furniture to a high standard. Ok, we're rather proud of our top quality upholstery work too  ;) 

We don't do this by applying a quick coat of *insert popular name* paint. We meticulously remove doors, drawers, and hardware. We mask where necessary, then carefully prepare the surfaces. We nearly always apply at least one coat of Shellac based primer to seal the surfaces and as a base for the following coat. Certain woods and existing finishes require more coats of this. We usually paint no more than one coat per day to allow the paint to start to cure. We have temperature/humidity controlled drying rooms. The next coat will be a water-based acrylic resin undercoat. We make sure that the colour of this undercoat is the correct one for the final top coats. We sand in-between coats to achieve the smoothest finish.

After the undercoat, we will apply at least two coats of water-based acrylic topcoat in the colour(s) of your choice. We use top-quality paints designed for use on furniture.

Ideas and Inspiration

You can see some examples of our work on customers' own furniture here  Also see Our Shop for many examples of items we've sold to give you some inspiration.

Discuss this with us

Pine Drawer sets

To discuss having your own furniture professionally transformed by The Fettling Fairies, please speak to Joy on 07753 937313 - or email her on You can also use our contact form here.


Having your furniture painted by us will usually involve us arranging for one of our special couriers to collect the item(s) then return it to you once the work is done. There is obviously an additional cost here. Despite this, many many customers from all over the UK  choose to go ahead to get our top finished result. (If you are reasonably local to us, we may collect/return ourselves without charge.)


Vals dining set

Why do people have their own furniture painted?

  • They've owned good quality furniture for years, they like the style, but the dark wood (or orange pine) no longer suits.
  • They've inherited a cherished piece, they want to keep it, but it just doesn't look right as it is.
  • They are moving home and want a new look from their existing furniture.
  • They purchased items of furniture to paint, but haven't time or got cold feet about the work
  • They want to bring different items together by painting them the same colour.
  • They want to give one piece a 'wow' factor in a room.


Need more than the best paint job?

Please take a look at our Custom Order Services page for details of the many other things we can do.



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