Stag FF Super Tallboy

Stag FF Super Tallboy

Our lovely customer Kirsty adores all our storage items, particularly the wardrobes we have refinished. Unfortunately, the design of her cottage with a very awkward turn on her staircase meant that it was virtually impossible to find a suitable item for her husband. She needed somewhere he could hang trousers with plenty of drawers. She asked for our help, in the end we came up with a contemporary solution using vintage Stag furniture.
With the maximum measurements of Kirsty's staircase, we realised that Stag had made a tallboy that would satisfy the 'hanging' needs. We also realised that Stag had made a three drawer chest that had the same footprint. Our Practical Fairy was pretty certain that he could graft one onto the other. After quite a bit of searching, we managed to buy the Stag items we needed. Once back in our workshop, we removed parts from both, discarded some and grafted others onto/into the other unit. We made the super-tallboy so that with the drawer removed from the upper section, four bolts could easily be undone to separate the two halves. The super-tallboy was delivered to Kirsty by our courier in two parts so it could be taken up her staircase.
The tallboy was given a multi-coat finish as follows:
  • thorough preparation
  • professionally spray painted inside and out.
  • two coats shellac based primer
  • one coat water-based acrylic resin undercoat
  • two coats water-based acrylic satin in Wimborne White.
  • painted chunky wooden knobs fitted.
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  • Width: 0cm
  • Length: 0cm
  • Height: 0cm

Product Reference Code: FF1291

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