Pine Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Pine Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Our lovely customer Jane commissioned us to make her two tall pine kitchen cabinets for one side of her kitchen.

The cabinets were each 130cm tall by 100cm wide. Jane asked us to put a drilled diamond pattern on each door in the style of vintage larder doors.

The cabinets were professionally spray painted inside and out with primer, undercoats and two coats of water based acrylic satin in 'Archive'. We then gave them a coat of water based satin varnish.

We completed the installation with a pair of shelves between the cabinets and a full pine cornice across the top of the set.

A big thank you to Jane for entrusting the work to us - and for the main picture.


  • Width: 0cm
  • Length: 0cm
  • Height: 0cm

Product Reference Code: FF1013

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