Antique Wind Out Cabriole Leg Table and 6 Balloon Back Chairs

Antique Wind Out Cabriole Leg Table and 6 Balloon Back Chairs

An antique Victorian Joseph Fitter wind-out table with two fixed leaves and a drop-in third leaf. It has four cabriole mahogany legs, a mahogany frame and new brass castors. We have matched it with a set of 6 vintage balloon back chairs which feature an attractive French style carved flower design and cabriole front legs.

We love antique wind-out tables at The Fettling Fairies and were delighted when we came across this example with cabriole legs. We gave it a plenty of TLC and a thorough service before commencing refinishing. At some point it had lost its castors, we sourced a new set of brass ones which are in-keeping.

Multi-coat paint finish:

  • Thorough preparation
  • professionally spray painted
  • two coats of shellac based primer
  • one coat of water based acrylic resin undercoat
  • two coats of water based acrylic satin in Pale Linen (The table top had three coats).
  • one coat of water based matt varnish (the table top had three coats).

We have reupholstered the chairs using Laura Ashley "Summer Palace" fabric; this has been fabric protected. The table is 106cm long when not extended; a winding handle is of course included.

When extended, the table shows a section of wood frame on each side which cannot be painted as it would scrape off when the table was opened. We have decided to make a painted clip-in section for each side so that the table looks as if it has a continuous apron.

Size is for the table only.


  • Width: 100cm
  • Length: 152cm
  • Height: 73cm

Product Reference Code: FF1254

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