Antique Victorian Wind-out Table with 6 Fiddleback Chairs

Antique Victorian Wind-out Table with 6 Fiddleback Chairs

Laura wanted a dining set to fit in with her new house decor - white and pale grey. She loved our Victorian Joseph Fitter wind-out tables with their ornate legs but need a longer version - we managed to source one for her. Having looked at several types of chairs, Laura decided that farmhouse fiddlebacks would be perfect for her. She liked the shabby chic look but was very specific that she only wanted light distressing and certainly not through to the wood.
We started by effecting a few repairs to the table and then fully serviced it. We prepared table and chairs before professionally spray painting. Firstly, we applied two coats of shellac based primer. We then mixed up the correct shade of light grey water based acrylic resin undercoat. We gave table and chairs two coats of this. Because the undercoat is a softer paint, we then applied a coat of water based matt varnish to prevent distressing through the grey. We then applied two coats of water based acrylic satin in All White. Next, we lightly distressed table and chairs to achieve the desired effect, then carnauba waxed everything.
After our couriers had delivered the set to Laura, she emailed us to say " We have finally unwrapped the table and chairs (that was a lot of cling film, haha!) and we are very pleased with it, thank you. It looks great in our room and the level of distressing is just fab :-) 


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